Building, in its simplest definition; It is called all kinds of engineering and architectural works made for human shelter and other purposes. In other words, it is essentially human and its needs. Our needs cannot be evaluated only physically, and spaces and structures that do not appeal to our soul, do not touch our emotions or do not give us peace and serenity in our subconscious mind gradually consume us without realising it.

The places that people use in their lives and spend certain hours of their day are actually harbours for us. They are places where we rest, discharge, produce and spend time. That is why they should have an identity and appeal to us.

In history, Plato said, "The important thing is not to have the most things in life, but to need the least things." and Hegel defined a trend by saying, "It is a simple but not simple, simple but not prosaic understanding of beauty.

These two words are the shortest and clearest definition that describes us in our work. In our furniture and wood designs, we have made it our duty to make the simplest, most economical and most functional designs with the least material and to offer them to the use of people. In doing so, we purify the space from complexity and unnecessary decorations, and we make simple, wide, bright, understandable, easy, open and aesthetic designs in form and function.

Excess and consumption frenzy put an excessive burden on human psychology and body. What we use the limited time we have in this world to buy things we don't really need that we will never use in our lives is actually not money, but the time we spend from our lives to earn that money. This makes people unhappy over time.

MELISSA DURU Interiors stands out with innovative and sustainable designs. Since the day it was founded, it has realised its architectural vision by harmoniously blending aesthetics and functionality.

With our unique design approach, we aim to deliver furniture and wood products that meet the needs of modern life and at the same time are compatible with the environment and structure to you, the users who value them. Each of our products has its own unique story and character and is shaped in a way that is sensitive to the natural environment, cultural context and the needs of the user.

Our products and productions are delivered to new living spaces as a result of meticulous work thanks to our design, project design, production, quality control and application teams, each experienced in their fields.

As MELISSA DURU Interiors; While serving our retail customers with our e-commerce site, we add value to your projects with our visionary architectural staff and application teams and offer solutions that will increase your quality of life.

Best Regards

Özgür Baykal