Production for Projects or Tailor made (The Atelier)


Create a modern alternative in your own line and realise your design vision with our products that we will produce specially for you in your living and working areas.

Interior Design

Our Melissa Home interior design team is dedicated to helping you create the space of your dreams. Book a free consultation over the phone to start designing your home or office under the guidance of an experienced professional.

Each of our clients has unique preferences, wants and needs; we tailor our interior design services according to your wishes. Contact us now to meet with an experienced designer to discuss your wants, needs and goals.

  • Find the right products, flooring options and finishes for your space with the help of our expert.
  • Expand your spaces with personalised design concepts and custom floor plans.
  • Enjoy while we renovate your home/office.

Contract Programme

We offer customised material and application solutions for large-scale commercial and residential projects.

Depending on the size and complexity of your project, our design and application technical team will prepare a customised package for you.